Any other shift spouses (or any other human, really) out there find that working a traditional job makes relationship balance nearly impossible??

I mean, Hubby is at work for 14 hours at a time, sometimes over weekends, other times through the night.  If I worked a “regular” M-F, 9-5, we would never see each other.  And the kids, they would really get the short end of the stick.

So for our family, we decided the best solution was for me to stay home with our littles so that our family schedule can flex around Hub’s work schedule.  And since my hyperactive mind prevents me from only doing one thing at any given time, I wear the hats of full-time Mom and Domestic Engineer, AdvoCare Advisor, and Blogger-in-Progress.

By getting creative with my career, I’m able to contribute to our family’s income and fulfill my own professional interests while still enjoying loads of quality time with my kids and handsome Hubby.


Don’t get me wrong…working from home isn’t always sunshine and butterflies.  More often than I want to admit, it makes for sleepless nights and major busy brain syndrome.  But for our situation, I can’t imagine trying to juggle my interests or ambitions any other way.

If you’re like me and want/need a way to make money and fulfill your passions with maximum flexibility to fit the #ShiftLife, I’d love to hear from you.  Connect with me on Facebook or Contact Me so we can swap stories.