Are you ready for a fresh reset? Ready to slim down and tone up? Ready to have more energy and less bloat? Then the 24 Day Challenge may be just the thing to help you get your health and your habits back on track.

The thing I love most about this program is that, although you are using supplements to speed up your results and help you feel your best, the main focus is on EATING REAL FOOD. Nutrition education is our number one priority when we work with our clients. We love getting questions, we love to talk to our Challengers regularly to encourage them through struggles and celebrate with them when they have victories.

I personally commit to doing a Challenge at least twice a year. I am not perfect. I’m a normal person with normal cravings. I love a good French fry and I adore cheesecake. There are times—like during the holidays—that I throw caution to the wind and my scale creeps up. But the thing is, I know I have the knowledge and tools I need to grab back hold of the reigns so that things don’t get out of control for too long.

When you learn HOW TO EAT to fuel your body, and you have more ENERGY to exercise, you can still enjoy treats mindfully without completely wrecking your confidence and progress.

I’ll tell you the truth. My very first Challenge, I slipped off the wagon a lot. I definitely needed to learn better habits and develop a healthier mindset. But 3 years and 6 Challenges later, I actually look forward to sticking strictly to the plan because I always feel ah-maaazing after giving my gut a total break from junk that isn’t good for me.

I have several people on Challenges right now that have requested a Grocery List to help them get their kitchens ready to rock. Last year I shared My List of Healthy Foods and Portion Sizes. AdvoCare also provides a Grocery Guide on the Virtual Coach website. All of these resources are helpful and give plenty of general options, but today, I’m focusing on SUPER CONVENIENT, specific grocery items that I like to stock in my own kitchen. This list does prioritize convenience over cost, so if you’re on a tighter budget, you may need to be selective from this list and plan to do a little more prepping on your own at home.

I don’t know what your house is like, but my mine is constant, happy, CHAOS! My children are expert mess-makers, and we are busy bees always buzzing around to activities. So if I can avoid dirtying more dishes and spending extra time in the kitchen, I’m all about it.

I’m sharing with you some actual brands of foods that I like to buy. I am not sponsored in any way, so these suggestions are purely from my own honest opinions and experiences. I can find all of these products locally at Dierbergs, Schnucks, and Kroger stores, but I’m sure all larger grocery chains should carry them. This isn’t a lengthy list, but it will stock your kitchen with plenty of fresh color and variety!

So now… let’s go grocery shopping!

Produce Section

  • Pre-Prepped Veggie Platter (I’m lenient on ranch dip in small doses…your choice)
  • Pre-Prepped Fresh Fruit Platter (if it comes with sweet dip, throw that out!)
  • Fresh Snap Peas or Snow Peas in pods
  • Fresh Berries
  • Nature’s Sweet Cherub Tomatoes
  • Cuties Clementines
  • Del Monte Sunfresh Red Grapefruit – No Sugar Added (in jar, in fridge)
  • Pre-washed Baby Spinach
  • Taylor Farms Sweet Kale Chopped Salad
  • Chiquita Bananas
  • Fuji Apples
  • Sweet Mini Peppers (in a bag, in the fridge)
  • Wholly Guacamole Minis – in the produce refrigerator

Deli/Salad Bar

  • Rotisserie Chicken
  • Pre-Prepped, Peeled Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Applegate Organics Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Deli Meat
  • Private Selection, Alderwood Smoked Wild  Alaskan Sockey Salmon
  • Synergy Kombucha
  • Zico Coconut Water

Bread Aisle

  • Dave’s Killer Thin-Sliced 21 Whole Grains and Seeds Organic Bread – or other brand that has at least 6g protein and 5g fiber
  • Flatout Multigrain with Flax Flatbread


  • Cracker Barrel Cracker Cuts Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt

Inner Aisles **Note, navigate these aisles with CAUTION!  Try your best to stick to this list.

  • Orville Redenbocher’s Smart Pop Kettle Corn Mini Bags
  • Kashi Fire Roasted Veggie Crackers
  • Blue Diamond 100-Calorie Almonds
  • Plum Organics Baby Food Fruit & Veggie Pouches
  • Jif To-Go Natural Peanut Butter Cups
  • Uncle Ben’s 90-Second Brown and Wild Rice
  • StarKist Herb & Garlic Tuna Pouches

Freezer Section

  • Shrimp Cocktail platter- from freezer section
  • Halo Ice Cream
  • Birds Eye Steamfresh Mixtures Broccoli Carrots Peas Chestnuts


I’m thinking about making a “Grocery Haul” video to explain why I like these products. What do you think? Would you watch it?

If you liked this post, have questions, or would like to share some other healthy convenient grocery foods that you love, please comment below or post in our conversation on Facebook. Thanks for stopping by!