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Liquid Motivation

Hey there, Shift Lifers.  This post is way overdue. I’m truly sorry that I’ve withheld this valuable information from you for so long.

So you or spouse works a weird schedule. Your sleep patterns are all jacked up. You’re feeling foggy and groggy, but for some reason the world still thinks you should be a productive member of society.

What’s a guy/gal to do? I mean, coffee helps. I am in a committed relationship with my morning coffee. It’s a ritual for me and I have no intentions of ever splitting with it.

HOWEVER, once my morning coffee wears off…Houston, we have a problem. The coffee crash is real. In the past, I would just drink another cup of coffee. Then another. Then another. I would drink coffee pretty much every two hours throughout the entire day just to keep me going.   And if coffee was out of reach, I grabbed SUGAR. Candy, cookies, soda, or generally anything easy that would give me a quick pick-me-up.

It was an ugly cycle.

Until one fateful day…

Love At First Sip

I met her at a business networking meeting. She was full of spunk and shined brightly in the crowd.   She gave a presentation on some company I’d never heard of, and handed samples to the newbies in the room. It was some kind of drink mix that was supposed to give an energy boost.

I was tired (as usual). So I found a bottle of water, sprinkled in this alleged magic dust…

And the rest is history.

Afternoon Delight

Unlike my beloved coffee, there was no crash with this new juice. No jitters, no aggressive jolt—just a smooth, steady boost. I felt more focused. More friendly.

And it was delicious! Fruity and refreshing. I usually struggled the most after lunch. When my belly was full, my eyelids got heavy. But after that lunch meeting, I felt fantastic.

I asked for a sample to take home to Hub. I needed to know if he felt the same way.

Not long before that, he had fallen asleep driving home after a 13-hour night shift. His car bounced off of a guardrail along the side of a highway. Thank God he wasn’t hurt. Every night shift after that, I worried about him. He started carpooling with a coworker to give me some peace of mind, but it wasn’t always super convenient for either of them.

Maybe this new stuff could help. He took it to work that night and I told him to drink it before the drive home.

 “Spark Saves Lives”

We say this to our friends with a cheeky tone, but it’s true. The morning he drank his sample, he didn’t come straight home and hit his pillow. We actually had a conversation and ate breakfast together. It was lovely. He said he wasn’t tired during the drive at all.

In fact, these days, he even has energy to hit the gym after a long night shift. Life. Changing.

Spark makes me a happier, more productive person. And since I’m not riding the energy roller coaster anymore, I’m not eating as much junk. My pants appreciate that.

Do You Know What We Know?

Have you heard of Spark? Have you tried a Spark? Because if the answer is no, we must remedy the situation.

It comes in 10 yummy flavors and mixes easily in water.

Fruit Punch (my personal favorite)
Blue Raspberry (Hub’s fave)
Mandarin Orange
Pink Lemonade
Green Apple
Mango Strawberry

It’s also sugar-free and loaded with good-for-you vitamins and amino acids. Wins all around.

Want to know more?  You can view label info HERE.  Message me through Facebook or email me at for other details.

Cheesy Low Carb Pizza Crust

IMG_1117In our house, every Friday night is “Family Pizza Night.”

We try to mix it up, sometimes ordering take-out, sometimes trying a new restaurant, sometimes just throwing a frozen Tombstone in the oven!  But I try to mostly make a homemade pizza of some variation.  As you know, I try to watch my starch and sugar intake, but I’m not really a die-hard low carb lifer, so I’ve tried lots of yeasty dough recipes.  They’ve all been good, but nothing that was better than the crust at our favorite take-out joint.

This crust, however, is by far our family’s favorite homemade pizza crust.  The kids gobble it up and I have to swat Hub’s hands off the kid’s half or he’ll eat way more than his share.  Best part…it’s low carb for Momma.

This homemade low carb pizza crust is quick to make, taking only about 5 minutes of prep and your pizza will be out of the oven and ready to eat in just 12 minutes!  Basically you can make this in the same amount of time it takes to bake a frozen pizza…and it is so much tastier!

This crust (modified from Fat Head Crust/Holy Grail Pizza Crust recipes) is super sturdy to hold as many toppings as you want to load on and packed full of flavor.  I use this same recipe to make breakfast pizza and Ranch veggie pizza when I need to bring an appetizer to a party.

Try it out and let me know what you think!


Makes a 12” pizza, serves 4

¾ c. almond flour

½ t. garlic salt

2 c. shredded Mozzarella or Monterey Jack cheese

1 egg

2 oz. cream cheese, cubed

Toppings of choice (*all meat and veggies should be precooked)

Tools: You’ll want a fork for all the mixing and “docking”, a small mixing bowl, a large, microwavable mixing bowl, some parchment paper, a baking stone, and a pizza peel.


  1. Cut a piece of parchment paper that will fit on your pizza stone, allowing plenty of over hang for handling.  Lay the paper flat on countertop workspace.
  2. Place your pizza stone inside a cold oven and set the preheat temp to 425 degrees
  3. Toss the shredded cheese with the almond flour and garlic salt in a large, microwaveable mixing bowl.
  4. Add the egg to the mix and stir around as evenly possible.
  5. Cube the cream cheese and add to the top of the mixture.
  6. Heat the mixture in the microwave for 45 seconds.  Stir and heat for another 20 seconds, or until everything is melted and combined to make a smooth “dough”
  7. Transfer “dough” onto the parchment paper.  Use a smooth plastic spatula to spread the dough or wet your hands and press the mixture into your desired size/shape.  You’ll want it to be about ¼” thick. “Dock” the dough with the tines of a fork – poke little holes all over the crust to prevent bubbling.
  8. Once oven is preheated, slide pizza peel under the parchment paper and transfer crust onto the hot stone in oven.
  9. Bake for 8 minutes
  10. After 8 minutes, use peel to take the parchment and crust out of the oven.  Use a fork to poke holes in any area where large bubbles are forming.
  11. Add toppings.
  12. Place back into the oven for 4 minutes or until cheese on top is all melted.
  13. Allow to cool for a few minutes before cutting and serving.