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Liquid Motivation

Hey there, Shift Lifers.  This post is way overdue. I’m truly sorry that I’ve withheld this valuable information from you for so long.

So you or spouse works a weird schedule. Your sleep patterns are all jacked up. You’re feeling foggy and groggy, but for some reason the world still thinks you should be a productive member of society.

What’s a guy/gal to do? I mean, coffee helps. I am in a committed relationship with my morning coffee. It’s a ritual for me and I have no intentions of ever splitting with it.

HOWEVER, once my morning coffee wears off…Houston, we have a problem. The coffee crash is real. In the past, I would just drink another cup of coffee. Then another. Then another. I would drink coffee pretty much every two hours throughout the entire day just to keep me going.   And if coffee was out of reach, I grabbed SUGAR. Candy, cookies, soda, or generally anything easy that would give me a quick pick-me-up.

It was an ugly cycle.

Until one fateful day…

Love At First Sip

I met her at a business networking meeting. She was full of spunk and shined brightly in the crowd.   She gave a presentation on some company I’d never heard of, and handed samples to the newbies in the room. It was some kind of drink mix that was supposed to give an energy boost.

I was tired (as usual). So I found a bottle of water, sprinkled in this alleged magic dust…

And the rest is history.

Afternoon Delight

Unlike my beloved coffee, there was no crash with this new juice. No jitters, no aggressive jolt—just a smooth, steady boost. I felt more focused. More friendly.

And it was delicious! Fruity and refreshing. I usually struggled the most after lunch. When my belly was full, my eyelids got heavy. But after that lunch meeting, I felt fantastic.

I asked for a sample to take home to Hub. I needed to know if he felt the same way.

Not long before that, he had fallen asleep driving home after a 13-hour night shift. His car bounced off of a guardrail along the side of a highway. Thank God he wasn’t hurt. Every night shift after that, I worried about him. He started carpooling with a coworker to give me some peace of mind, but it wasn’t always super convenient for either of them.

Maybe this new stuff could help. He took it to work that night and I told him to drink it before the drive home.

 “Spark Saves Lives”

We say this to our friends with a cheeky tone, but it’s true. The morning he drank his sample, he didn’t come straight home and hit his pillow. We actually had a conversation and ate breakfast together. It was lovely. He said he wasn’t tired during the drive at all.

In fact, these days, he even has energy to hit the gym after a long night shift. Life. Changing.

Spark makes me a happier, more productive person. And since I’m not riding the energy roller coaster anymore, I’m not eating as much junk. My pants appreciate that.

Do You Know What We Know?

Have you heard of Spark? Have you tried a Spark? Because if the answer is no, we must remedy the situation.

It comes in 10 yummy flavors and mixes easily in water.

Fruit Punch (my personal favorite)
Blue Raspberry (Hub’s fave)
Mandarin Orange
Pink Lemonade
Green Apple
Mango Strawberry

It’s also sugar-free and loaded with good-for-you vitamins and amino acids. Wins all around.

Want to know more?  You can view label info HERE.  Message me through Facebook or email me at for other details.

Work, Wealth & Health: Spring Shape-Up

The month of March kicks off several challenges for me. Good challenges. The kind that will motivate me to get closer to where I want to be.



My work life is a juggle.  My number one priority, full-time gig is trying to be the best mom and wife that I can be.  On the side, I’m employed part-time outside of the house as a marketing and sales associate for a local business.   I am slowly but surely working to build residual income with AdvoCare.  And finally, I have this blog…which isn’t really work.  I do it because I love it.  Someday I hope it turns into an income stream, but for now it’s just a hobby.

This juggle suits me.  I get bored easily, so keeping my days fresh with variety helps me stay sane and happy.  I also feel like the combination of these “jobs” satisfies all parts of my brain — emotional, analytical, creative, personal growth, and social.

This month, I’m challenging myself to step up my Work game.  I’m waking up earlier.  I’m planning my days more effectively.  I’m limiting distractions and I’m setting specific professional goals.


Of course, one of my professional goals includes growing my income.  As an employee (at a small, family-owned retail business), my pay is really just dependent on the number of hours I work and the amount of time I’m with the company.  I might be able to squeeze out a raise based on my effort and asserting that I directly add value to the company, but realistically, I expect my income growth there will be slow.  It’s just the nature of the beast.

So among all my “jobs,” the greatest potential for income growth right now is with AdvoCare.  My friend Jeannette–who originally introduced me to this company–went from dead broke to earning over $300,000 a year in just 3 years.  Now, I’m not moving that fast, but I know the possibilities.  Stay tuned to find out more on this.

Next, in my role as CFO of Kirsch, Inc., I’ll be working directly with our Chairman (Hubby) to cut costs and reduce our financial liabilities.  We are using our Debt Busters plan to help us prioritize.  We have one credit card left to go and two loans to knock out within the next 4 years.


And last but not least, I’m going to participate in a 12-Week Transformation Challenge that leads up to summer swimsuit season.  I’ll be using the following products daily:

  • MNS-3 – A comprehensive Metabolic Nutrition System
  • ThermoPlus – A powerful fat-burner
  • Spark – A delicious multi-vitamin energy drink
  • Catalyst – An amazing amino acid supplement that aids in muscle tone and definition.

But in addition to my products, this Momma also needs to get her butt to the gym!

Which leads me to the feature of this post. My very best friend in the whole wide world is married to Mr. Jason Domnanovich, the Director of Sports Performance and a Personal Trainer at The Academy of Athletic Advancement in Mt. Prospect, Illinois.

I must say, Jason is by far the most passionate and committed fitness professional I have ever met. And besides the fact that he’s practically family to me, there truly is no other person I would trust more to help me come up with a workout to share with you guys!

So I reached out to Jason and asked if he could suggest an efficient, full-body workout that can be done 30-minutes either at home or at the gym.

I personally prefer to workout at the gym because I feed off the energy there, but my gym is 40 minutes away from our house! So there is no realistic way I can get there more than 2-3 times a week.

And when I’m at home I have two little minions at my ankles 90% of the time, so if I think I’m going to get a workout done here, it better be quick!


All you need for Jason’s routine is a set of dumbbells and a jump rope. I used just  12.5 lb. weights for my first try and felt like that was tough for me!

As I knew he would, Jason delivered a great routine that is just as effective as it is efficient. It can also be easily modified for different fitness levels. He even packaged it up for us in this very cool video…


Aim for 10-12 reps of each move and 3-4 circuits

Renegade Row with Pushup

Goblet Squat

Kneeling 1-arm Overhead Press

Dumbell RDL (Romanian Dead Lift/ “Stiff Deads”)

Jump Rope or other cardio burst for 2 minutes


My sister and I did this routine last night at the gym and I can confirm…it is a FULL BODY workout! We were sweating, heart rates were up, and I’m positive that I’m going to be feeling it tomorrow. Just try not to spend too much time resting in between exercises. A quick pace will keep your heart rate elevated to burn more calories.


The only modification we made was replacing the 2-minute jump rope sets with just 1-minute of mountain climbers (because I’m out of shape and thought I was going to die after 45 seconds). You could also do a high knee jog.   I’m a little embarrassed to say that the only reason we substituted was because I didn’t want to have to go to the front desk to ask for the jump ropes. You do what works for you.

My Pre-Workout Cocktail

We made it through 3 circuits…though I’m pretty sure I have to give some credit to my Amplify AT and  O2 Gold with an Arginine Extreme + BioCharge pre-workout cocktail…because I haven’t pushed myself to that intensity in a long time!


The Game Plan

I plan to do this routine every other day, increasing the weight of the dumbbells as I go. I’ll aim to do at least 30 minutes of some other cardio activity on the other days, and schedule one rest day each week.

I’d love to hear what you think about this routine. If you are interested in joining me for the 12-Week Transformation Challenge, let me know and I’ll get you some more information.


Thanks for stopping by!